A little neon will give a great jolt to you and your home

Decorating with neon colors will give a jolt to any room in the home. This brilliant trend will bring the electricity and excitement that you are striving for. You don’t need too much… just a little touch here and there to up lift your room that may need a little pick me up. Kids bedrooms, children’s playrooms, teenagers cool bedrooms in bright colors are great. Kitchens look fantastic with a splash of color and your main living spaces with a hint of colors in neon are just fabulous. The one stool or chair or table just one piece of furniture in the room looks fantastic in a neon lime green or bright orange.

This coloration is meant to be fun so enjoy decorating with this one. We do all the time with our children’s bedrooms and of course or teenage girl room décor.


Styling neon… Wearing neon… Going totally neon… Oh my…..




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