Baby Steps for the little ones


This of course happens after your children’s bedding has be selected. You girls bedrom come before anything else we feel at Sweet N Sour Kids.Com

I think one of the joys of motherhood is dressing up baby from head to toe. I remember when my children were little that I would search and search for the perfect little outfits and then go crazy trying to find the best little shoes to complete the look. Well, my children are in their 20’s so the internet was not an option. Back then it was Stride Rite, Nordstrom’s and your local mall stores. Now, there are so many places to go.

There are many great discount websites that have overstock products to out of season products.

There are so many things to choose from now that I think that there wouldn’t be enough time for my babies to wear the shoes before growing out of them. 

There are the dressy shoes to the more causal looks, fashion first and always

I have listed below where to find these adorable shoes





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