Bedrooms for girls…Tweens, Teens and Young Girls… Playful Days

I love the bright colors and the mixtures of textures in this bedding collection for tween girls. I love that this bed has a blend of what I call medium bright colors. We have used soft yellow and pastel pins so that the bedding for girls can be a transitional bed set for girls from crib to big girls bedrooms or tween to teen or even dorm room.


“Mix and Match” is our ultimate favorite saying at Sweet N Sour Kids

Turquoise velvet Quilt in twin size for your teen girls bedroom. Hot pink queen size comforter set your girl will just love blended with our heavily embellished beaded and embroidered pillows. So many to choose from:

This makes is so much fun “Mix and Match”. Change it up whenever you feel like it. Bedding sets that you and your girl can design anyway you like

Playful lighting in this teen girl room designed in a fun a whimsy way. Go with bright pink or teal or sunshine yellow. Hang girls bedroom lighting in the center of her room or a great floor lamp can illuminate the teen bedroom beautifully.



Designing teen girl bedrooms… you must remember all the important details and the needs of your girl. Mirrors are very important for applying make up,

Stools/ Seating for friends to come and hang out and brightly colored accessories like waste baskets bring color and cuteness to the overall décor and design of teenage bedrooms.


Hanging pretty bright colored wall art is super fun and will add ever more playfulness to this multicolored bedroom designed for your special girl.

Choose either something that with continued the colors that you are working with or a theme that you and your daughter have chosen




Kids Bedrooms are another great way to bring color to this bedroom for your teenage girl. Orange kids rugs, Lime green children’s rugs, Hot pink just about every color in the rainbow can go beautifully with a Mix and Match teens bed room.



Always remember Be playful, mix, match and fun


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