Boys Department

I have to say thank goodness the boys department is much larger than it once was. I remember when shopping for boys clothing was so difficult that if you blinked your eyes you could miss the department all together. That is not so anymore. With the range of designer chic clothing to the rough and tough it is much easier to dress your boy anyway you like. I think Ralph Lauren/Polo was one of the first designers to see that there was an entire category that was just waiting to be targeted and they hit it in a big way. I know myself when I buy a baby gift or really any age boys gift, Polo is always a safe bet. Moms love to see there little ones dressed in Ralph Lauren. In the higher end designers: Fendi, Burberry and Gucci just to name a few are also making boys clothing. But the question is how much are you willing to spend on boys clothes?

Moms will spend ridiculous amounts of money on girls dresses but as much on boys pants and shirts and this is why the girls department is always at least three times the size as the boys department… sad but true.

But once again, the internet steps in and makes all you dreams come true…

There are so many websites now featuring fantastic boys clothing from top of the lines to very affordable and adorable… What would we do without the internet? How did we survive?

I have listed below where to find the boys fashions in the photos


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