Designer Clothing for your little ones

We love dressing our babies. It always reminds me of dressing up my baby dolls when I was a little girl myself. I couldn’t wait to have little girls of my own to dress up in all the sweet little dresses and ruffled panties. And let us not forget the matching hair ribbons.

When my girls were young the choice of designer children’s clothing was not as vast as today. If I remember correctly, it was Baby Dior, Guess, Ralph Lauren and I think that was about it.

Now… WOW, too many to name. Wee, I will name a few: Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Mc Cartnery, Little Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Helena, David Charles

Who are we buying this designer wear for is the question? Clearly our little ones don’t know the difference between Armani and Gap Dresses. So, are we making a fashion statement via our children? Are we keeping up with the Jones?

I say that we are just having fun and enjoying ourselves and dressing up our little girls. There is so much variety, where do we begin?

Here are some of the leading children’s designers: They can be found at Neiman Marcus:

Burberry, an iconic British luxury clothing line. The brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. He was just 21 years old.

Prices range $125-$145 per item


Gucci: In 1921 Florence ,Gucci opened his store to sell leather goods. And then over several decades The House of Gucci—whether it’s women’s ready-to-wear, men’s designs, and children’s clothes have been delighted with their designs.

Prices range $$115-$310.


Fendi: Family created this company in 1925

Prices Range $265










Tights make the outfit

Girls clothing is so much fun !! Don’t we all just love dressing our girls? I know I always did. Dresses, skirts, pants, hats, shoes and the all-important tights. They make or break the outfit…. right?

There are so many to choose from now. Of course there are always the plain color ones but now the variety is so vast. Stripe, polka dot, hearts, bows… Oh my… Love, love, love what they do to your little ones outfit. Style and warmth all at the same time.

Enjoy dressing them while you can, the time flies by so fast…


Boys Department

I have to say thank goodness the boys department is much larger than it once was. I remember when shopping for boys clothing was so difficult that if you blinked your eyes you could miss the department all together. That is not so anymore. With the range of designer chic clothing to the rough and tough it is much easier to dress your boy anyway you like. I think Ralph Lauren/Polo was one of the first designers to see that there was an entire category that was just waiting to be targeted and they hit it in a big way. I know myself when I buy a baby gift or really any age boys gift, Polo is always a safe bet. Moms love to see there little ones dressed in Ralph Lauren. In the higher end designers: Fendi, Burberry and Gucci just to name a few are also making boys clothing. But the question is how much are you willing to spend on boys clothes?

Moms will spend ridiculous amounts of money on girls dresses but as much on boys pants and shirts and this is why the girls department is always at least three times the size as the boys department… sad but true.

But once again, the internet steps in and makes all you dreams come true…

There are so many websites now featuring fantastic boys clothing from top of the lines to very affordable and adorable… What would we do without the internet? How did we survive?

I have listed below where to find the boys fashions in the photos


Springtime fun fashions for little girls

Fun and whimsy dress for kids, we just love this style at

Sweet N Sour Kids Com. We love to find wonderful things on Pinterest.

Here is where you can find these adorable outfits and more. 4.

Oh to be young again and feel free to dress and mix and match however you like, what a treat. Just like our children’s bedding, mix and match colors and textures… the same goes with kids fashions. There are no rules, Just have fun and lots of it. It is



Hop Hop Hop

Hop Hop Hop, are you ready for spring? It doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near where I live in Montreal, but with all the spring collections and beautiful images popping up around the web, a girl can dream! We just had yet another snow storm last week, but it looks like the temperature is finally rising! And with the holidays being so early this year I’m not sure we will be able to wear any of our summer clothes just yet. Oh well, there will be plenty of other occasions for that soon.

When I think spring and easter, I think cute little bunnies. How about you? So I’ve gathered some of my favorite clothing and accessories from around the web. Wear them all together? Why not, I know my daughter would!!!

1. The Hare Dress by Soft Gallery is one of my favorite items of all the summer collections. Find it at Thumbeline.

2. How adorable are these felt barettes? All 3 please! Available at Petit Pomme.

3. This is a neckalce both moms and daughters will agree on- fun without being over the top. Available at Wunway.

4. These Bunny Coats are adorable, making dress-up good anyday anywhere. Check out the animal coats at Little Goodall, they are all so special.

5. Why not carry your favorite toys in a bunny bag! These are by Mina Perhonen, she can never do wrong!

6. These shoes are just too cute and so is the rest of the Collection. See it all at Annika.

7. Complete any outfit with my all time favorite stuffed bunny- carry her around everywhere, she is just too cute. She comes with a wardrobe of her own- one I wouldn’t mind borrowing from. Created by the ever so talented Lieschen Mueller.

Wishing you all some Happy Holidays or perhaps an early spring!


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Magazines That Inspire

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to dress my kids in fun and different ways. I get a lot of hand me downs and so I usually end up with a lot of miss matched items in my kids wardrobe, I’ll fill in the gaps with bought items- but it’s not always easy to put it all together! One of my favorite source of inspiration are online magazines. Not only are they free, but the pages are filled with lovely photography, key trends, useful information, fun brands to discover and amazing styling to get inspired by. I just love looking at how the stylist work their magic, mixing brands together and accessorizing. I usually make notes of things I like so I can remember to use them with all the things I have lying around the house.

So here are some of my favorite online magazines… keep an eye out, because a lot of these should be coming out with their spring issues pretty soon!

NOVALEE: You’ll find that this is the magazine with a rock and roll attitude and geared towards the older kids- it’s edgy and rad. I happen to be the Creative Director, I’d love it if you checked it out!

LA PETITE- pages filled with inspiring photography, tips on how to decorate your room, fun DIY project and so much more. I’ve contributed to this lovely magazine many times- check the Lovely Finds and Petite Styles.

BABIEKINS: pages and pages of fashion and inspiration for your little ones. I love their feature where they take one item and show you how to wear it in three different ways. They also just launched their first print issue- you might want to have a look too!

PAPIER MACHE: this is the first online magazine I discovered a few years ago . It never disappoints- they work with the most amazing photographers and stylist. You’ll have lots of ideas once you’ve looked through this magazine. They also have a printed issue- i never miss it!

So if you are looking for inspiration, new clothing lines or if you would just like to dream a little, the pages of these magazines will do just that… Enjoy!


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…Green with Envy…

With St-Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s real hard not to be inspired by all the fun green things popping up around the web, in magazines, store windows, television, etc. I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up of some items, clothing and accessories all in the various shades of green. It wasn’t all that hard since one of the popular color for this summer happens to be green, wether it’s mint, army, teal or emerald, all of these are must haves. I’m not sure about  you but I would love not just one, but all of these items added to my daughters wardrobe, I’m just a little green with envy with the selection in this post!

Let’s get to know who’s behind all these lovely items…

1. These bright polka dot pants are by one of the most fun kids line out there: Franky Grow. Their collections are always filled with awesome prints, bold colors and great mix matching items, where everything pretty much goes. You can find these at Thumbeline.

2. This cute little bracelet by Sydney Summer would spruce up any outfit! Find this and lots of other cute at items at the lovely little online boutique Shopbelle.

3. I just love the sea green color of this bikini from Zara. It’s such a nice alternative to pink, don’t you think?

4. Mint and tiny little stars, can you think of a better combination for a summer scarf? By Beck Sonder Gaard available at LFG.

5. Army green is one my favorite colors, for me and my kids. I think it looks great with so many colors including mint, any shade of pink and yellow too. This little dress is simple yet stylish, a perfect basic for layering. It also happens to be eco-friendly! By Go Gentle Baby at Darling Clementine.

6. Large polka dots, neon yellow and mint- a killer combination! This sweet cardigan is available at J.Crew.

7. I just love this jumpsuit- the fabric is hand dyed to create the perfect shade of shale green. Notice the sweet lace detail and how adorable is that sunshine brooch? Check out Udder, an amazing Australian brand.

8. Well, if you want your kids to be the coolest kids on the playground this summer you must get them a pair of colorful and bright skinny jeans. If you would like to wear them in the fall too, teal is the way to go! These are by denim extraordinaire Esp No.1 available at Smallable.

9. Who doesn’t love a great pair of moccasins? Comfortable, cute, perfect for boys and girls and a great way to add a little style to your kids outfit. These green ones are from Manimal-handmade in Brooklyn and they happen to be on sale! Fast get them before I do.

So are you green with envy too now? I hope you have a lovely St-Patrick’s day!


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All Dressed Up

Who is in the mood for spring? I know I am! With Easter and Passover being so early this year I though it would be nice to do a little round up of some dresses that would make great little outfits for the holidays. Oh, but not just any dress- lot’s of printed dresses! This spring and summer you’ll want to wear lot’s of pretty colors and prints and if the weather is still a little frisky add a denim jacket or a cardigan for the perfect look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the pattern, floral with stripes or even polka dots- anything goes! You might notice lot’s of soft pinks and bright yellows, add a little aqua to mix and you are ready to go…

How sweet is the Mini Boden dress up top? The print is lovely and the colors work so weel together.

Anais and I are masters when it comes to prints- every collection uses the nicest printed fabrics, always soft and sudued, always sweet and romantic.

 Annika has to be the most playful collection available right now. This Korean brand is full of colors and bright prints and quirky elements. I’m not sure it’s available for purchase in the US, but it’s worth looking at just to get inspired.

Essentiel knows how to take what is trendy and make work for your kids. This Belgium brand uses prints and patterns to a perfection- as all belgium brands do!  Your daughter will have hours of fun twirling in this flowy dress.

J.Crew always has the greatest selection of dresses for all occasions. This pretty pastel one caught my eye and look how cute it is paired with a striped cardigan.

I just discovered Boy+Girl… I love the simplicity of this dress, you can dress it up or down, perfect for any occasion. Doesn’t it look comfortable? I’d love one for me too, please!

How great is this Stella McCartney parrot dress- fun, whimsical and quirky? What little girl wouldn’t love it? I really do love the mix of colors and patterns…

This photo was just too perfect not to include it! This Gap dress is a classic- cute polka dots and I love the baby blue tulle sticking out just slightly…

I hope this gets you in the spring mood!


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