Girls Daybeds for smaller or larger spaces

Your teen girl will be inspired with ideas for her perfect teen girl bedroom after choosing this amazing and sophisticated teens girl bedding set.

There are endless possibilities for building the bedroom of your girls dreams around this vibrant orange and hot pink bed set for girls.

By choosing a daybed for the room, you are allowing the room to appear larger and have more space for when friends come to visit. I think it is great for a girls room, one of my daughters always preferred a daybed.

As children grow they begin to have their own likes and dislikes and that holds true in the way they would like their bedroom to be designed. Work with her and allow her to build the bedroom she will always remember.

This bedding  is sophisticated and very stylish… almost like a fancy gown. The shams are big and floppy for comfort and the girls bed dust skirt is filled with colorful rhinestones for the whimsy side of your girl. The decorative pillows are just amazing and blend beautifully on this to die for bed.

This is a winner for sure



Teen girls love lime green and turquoise bedrooms









Lime green and turquoise are the hottest colors for teen girls bedrooms right now. Preteens and younger girls love these two colors for their rooms as well.

Super easy… as always: start with our fabulous velvet quilt in turquoise or lime green, add our soft shams… your girls bedroom will be great and then choose from our outrageous selection of embellish and awsome pillows. Your teens will make her choice and her bedding set at this point becomes unique to just her. The combination of colors and the way your teenager displays them … well no two alike.

You will have one happy girl on your hands not to mention be the coolest mom ever.

And of course always give us call, we are happy to help

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Modern teen bedding set

Decorate teen bedroom with this fabulous girl teen bed set. This modern and sophisticated look is both stylish and trendy and your teenager will love it. The fleur de lis French pattern is so hip and cool for teenage girls room designs. The crowns are fit for a queen.

The black comforter for girls is machine washable and has a beautiful diamond pattern. This bedding set for children has a wonderful array of shams and pillows that can be mixed and matched for all ages and stages of your girls bedroom décor.

Our design team at Sweet N Sour Kids has pre designed this room for pre-teen girls with white sleek and stylish teen bedroom furniture. Keeping in mind that you girls spend a great deal of time in her room in her teen years, we know you want her to have the room of her dreams.

Our teen room lighting is just fabulous and this fixture is a perfect blend with this teens bedding set. Our teen bed room table lamp is the perfect touch to be placed on the white night stand.

Kids carpets in black and white combined with our unique designer wall art are the finishing touch for the teen girl decorating of this room.


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Just a splash of color

Teen bedrooms are often done in black and white; girls really love the modern and sleek look.

Teenage girl furniture can be the base of the room. Wonderful splashes of color can be brought into the décor of the teens room with cool teen bedding.

Comforter sets for kids that are soft and beautiful that will make the design of the preteens design and décor.

Do any easy makeover by just adding a splash of Bright colors: Yellow, Lime Green, Teal, hot pink or orange.

Add a fun rug and your girls dream bedroom will unfold.

Love the simplicity of black and white, but you have to have some bright colors to your tween bedroom.




Teen girls bedroom with exciting touches

Teen girls love a little touch of elegance in their bedroom design. This is a great DYI idea for decorating a girls room.

Peel and stick wallpaper of scrapbooking paper is perfect for this.

I love the hot pink done in a traditional pattern



Girls room in soft pink and mocha

Harmonious and peaceful girls bedrooms can be achieved. I know you are thinking that this is hard to believe… but really it is true.

You want one style that will blend with the rest of the décor in your home and your teenager wants another. There is always compromise.

Design a space that works for everyone.

Teen girls and their ever changing tastes are difficult at best so work at this one step at a time. Color pallet is first. You still want to use the beautiful pink drapery panels you had made a spent a great deal of money on and she wants browns and mocha. Blend them together. The lamp you have saved for her that belonged to your grandmother she doesn’t think works in her room anymore. Here is where that compromise comes in… keep the lamp and bring in a stunning piece of mirror furniture to go next to her bed.

Teens girls want bedding  that is soft and luxurious and you want machine washable and durable. This bed set for girls is all that. She wants her bedroom to be chic and sophisticated and there are so many ways to design this bedroom of her dreams… So much to explore, so enjoy and have fun and do it together.

Girls chandeliers, wall art and all the other accessories will bring this room together in a lovely and feminine way.

Call us, we are always happy to help with any design needs you may have

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Teen girls bedroom inspiration with sophistication and style

This turquoise and white bedroom is so glamorous with the touch of sliver shine. Start by painting the walls a soft teal blue that is soothing and relaxing and will set the perfect tone for the Glitz & Glamour teen bed linens from Davenport Home Furnishings. The bedding set is perfect for a large range of ages. This bedding collection is so beautiful; the soft waves of ruffles are so luxurious that your girl will love the mix of textures. Fantastic for the master bedroom, guest room, teens bedrooms, tween bedroom or first apartment – really anyone who appreciates and loves feminine frills and luxury bed linens for girls.

With accents like the Chiffon Ruffle pillows and throws are irresistibly fun. The unique design and soft color pallet are amazing accent pieces for the Ashley Bedroom. Available in euro shams, standard shams, boudoir pillows, dust skirts and throws. Mix and match in colors of white, pink, turquoise, lavender and yellow.

The furniture for teen rooms is just perfect to go with this awesome bedding set.

Lighting always sets the mood for the room you are decorating. This lighting is amazing for this look we have put together.

Wall art that provides the finishing touch for your walls, enjoy choosing the art for your girls room.

You can do this look in pink, lavender, yellow or all white. It is all available at Sweet N Sour Kids.

This is the ultimate in feminine teen girl bedding. This is a wonderful space to dream away in luxury and to have sweet dreams.

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Warm tones for your teen girls bedding

Teen girls love to choose the design and color pallet for their bedroom.

This is a great and playful through back colors to the 70’s…. Brady bunch house colors… Gelato bed set @Sweet N Sour Kids.Com

Warm tones in this color pallet of chocolate brown, avocado green, rusts and cream with touches of gold, yellow, peach and orange.

By selecting a teen bedding set in solid colors your then can choose decorative pillows that have many colors, design patterns and textures. I love these light weight quilts and shams, they look great and they are soft and comfy to sleep with. Your teenagers will have definite décor ideas for her space so make it a project that you can do together. This designer bedroom style does blend beautifully with a modern or traditional home.

Your children’s wall paint when choosing colors like this should stay in the cream and white tones. Let the kids bed set stand out and the fabulous table lamps and other fantastic accessories you have found for her bedroom.

Have fun and enjoy


Ideas for teen room wall decorating

I absolutely love this wall décor for a teen bedroom. It is a great idea for your girls room. Teenagers love to display photographs especially now that she takes so many on a daily basis with her phone. Hanging a strand of white lights and attaching clothes pins to clip her photos on the wall is just more than fantastic.

I think it can change the entire look of her bedroom. It is hip and cool and always changing which is really what teenagers love. Panting the walls a bright color would add a little bit of life to the style and décor of the room and a great look girls comforter set would be ideal.

This is plain fun and I love it.


So many ways to decorate your girls bedroom


Here we our sweet and lovely girls bedding set in light turquoise and pink.

This bedding set includes a duvet and shams and this beautiful three layer tooling dust skirt that complete this amazing set of bedding for girls.

What sets this tween girls bed set apart from the rest is the attention to detail that Davenport Home Furnishings always provides in the design of their bedding for teen girls. The tufted duvet is delightful and the dust skirt is flowing and beautiful. I just love this set just the way it is and it is perfect for a little coming from her crib or for your teen girl before going off to college.


You can blend this fabulous designer bedding with so many types of bedroom décor, I like the shabby vintage look. I think it looks adorable with it. DYI dresser, old perfume bottles and trinkets and treasures to me always makes a sweet bedrooms design for girls.

The simple white drapery panels for kids is simple yet has a great finished look for the designer bedroom for your teen bedroom.




Change the look and glamorize the design of your teen bedroom with some silver glitz hand beaded pillows and you will have an entire new look on girl bed set.

Magnificent pink and white chiffon ruffles with silver jewels will change the entire look and décor you’re your teenagers bedding set. Sophistication is an understatement… this is so chic… your girl will be the envy of all of her friends.


Then you can update your teenagers bedroom furniture with mirror furniture that is contemporary and modern. All the girls love this. And let us not forget that teen girls love big and wonderful chandeliers and the feathers, well that is one big bonus.

There are so many different way to go, it is really endless, call us we would love to work with you and your girl to give her the bedroom of her dreams.

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