Teen Room Decorating – Choose Your Battles

Getting started on decorating your teenage girls room?  It can be a battle of wills but with some perspective and compromise it can turn into a wonderful collaboration with your girl.  Teenage bedroom ideas can be hard to find.  I know from personal experience when my two daughters came to me with ideas on how to redecorate their room,  I wanted to give them the look they wanted (I design unique TEEN/TWEEN designer bedding, and moms do come to me to design their teen bed rooms!), but I was concerned about how it would blend with the rest of my house. I adore shabby chic and vintage finds and my house is an eclectic blend of whites and pale pastels. This does NOT blend with the trendy brightly colored bedding and glitz/glamour of teenage bedding.  I was concerned with living with two clashing styles and I already was adjusting to loud music and raucous friends! After spending time with my girls discussing room ideas for girls, the style they wanted and how to create a brightly colored, stylish and trendy teen bedroom we arrived at a compromise and I have always been glad that I allowed them to express themselves. I found in the end, I could live with the juxtaposed styles (besides, I can always shut the door!)

With one of the girls, Ali, I had just finished adding the final collections to our fall line and as she was describing the deep purples, turquoise and orange she was looking for I knew this might be just the thing. When I showed her the new designer velvet collection she loved it and we started designing her room around the bedding. I actually changed the name to the Ali Collection after our collaboration and it has been in the line ever since.

After we had selected the luxurious girl teen bedding set, our next big discussion was paint color. This is a big one since the time, effort and money spent on paint is one you want to last more than a year!  Ali really had her heart set on a deep turquoise for the walls of her bedroom. The idea of having such a bright, space concerned me, so as a compromise we did an anchor wall in turquoise and the remaining walls in a pale blue. It was the perfect compromise!

The room was finished off with colorful lighting, we enjoyed painting nightstands in purple together selected a colorful, trendy rug and a cool hot pink chair. The room really came together just the way a teen bedroom should.  The ideas for girl bedrooms are endless, there is just so much teen room decor to explore, enjoy doing it together and savor the moment.  

Well, as I write this, Ali is off in college on her own and I have transitioned the room into one that works with the décor of the rest of the house. She loves it when she comes home to visit (which is never often enough) and I enjoy it. But, I really appreciate the memories of creating her special space when she was just coming into her own and developing her own teen style and personality. My needs, in retrospect were just not as important as her feeling comfortable and happy in her own space. Time it goes by so quickly, and you only get your kids for such a short time. Choose your battles carefully and enjoy making the memories.



One thought on “Teen Room Decorating – Choose Your Battles

  1. That collection of room furniture is just adorable and chic. I would love for my daughter to decorate with me. Will have to make a project of it like you have.

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