Color Blending your teens bedroom

We are all about blending colors, at Sweet N Sour Kids. Com not making the perfect match. When designing your perfect child’s bedroom, you first choose the color pallet that you and your girl would like. A favorite of teens for their room is teals, aqua and turquoise.

We love these colors as well. There are so many items that are available in children’s décor. Bedding sets, wall art, lamps and kids furniture. Blend the colors don’t make a perfect match. “ Being Matchie Matchie” is not in. Blending your shades is. If you want your teen bedroom to look as though as designer has done your decorating, then blend your colors.

Feel free to add a color and you don’t have to just choose a safe color like white.

Add color and shades and explore to achieve a beautifully decorated room for your girl.

Let the artist in your child come out and see what you both can choose and don’t feel like you have to stay safe, make it fun and playful.


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