Color Inspiration for A Teen Bedroom Makeover

When decorating a teen girl bedroom choosing the right color is very important. She may or may not have colors in mind, she may say, “oh, you know mom, bright colors, that’s what I want”.  What does that really mean?

A good way to narrow down the color pallet she wants is by first finding it in the strangest of places: the pantry, the storage closet, the backyard or bookshelf. Use anything, and we mean anything in your surrounding to find your teen’s color inspiration. Magazines clippings, food packaging and cleaning supplies are just some ideas. Lots of girl’s own hair barrettes in varying colors. We suggest looking through her accessories box to find a color she loves. Simply look around the house and she should be able to find inspiration in plain sight.

Here are some things one mother and daughter found for color examples:

  • beach bag
  • socks
  • flowers in the yard
  • spools of thread
  • backyard bunch of flowers

Inspiration Color Board

These are basic items most likely found in any home and all turned out to be references for choosing color. For this teen’s bedroom our mother-daughter team have chosen a bright palette of fun colors for their bedroom inspiration.

Once the basic colors are chosen the fun can begin.

The design of the girls bedroom will be in Hot pink, orange, lime green and yellow tones and colors. Now all one has to do is visit our website and pick out the luxury teen girl bedding set of her dreams. With this color selection, Citrus Tang appears to be the best choice. Are you looking for a twin girl bed set or a queen teen bed design? No matter the size, teens bed rooms can be completed with all of our girls room decor in all of our bright colors. Additional teenage room ideas can be done easily with the assistance of our interior design team who is eager and ready to help you. We know that a girl’s bedroom is not only supposed to be pretty and chic. Children’s bedrooms should be a place that is comfortable and fun; a place that she wants to spend plenty of time in. So don’t forget your child’s input. Let her play an active role in planning and making choices and you will have a very happy girl on your hands.

Citrus Tang Bed

 Our Teen’s Final Choice


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