Decorating a teen girls room

Just a hint of color: It can change everything in your teen girls bedroom


When decorating a teen girls bedroom, there are so many little things that add up into a great looking room. A splash of color in an unexpected place is always fun. I love this idea of painting just the inner portion of the door in a bright color for many reasons. Your teen girls bed room gets a bright color she wants and you don’t have to see it all of the time… win, win for all really.

But on a more serious note, it is very posh and cool just to add that little hint of surprise color. When choosing the color: match it to the girls twin bed set or your teen bedding set in bright colors. Hot pink, turquoise or lime green. Pull out the brightly colored zebra print in teal from the bedding set for tween girls you have just chosen from Sweet N Sour Kids. 

Teenage room designs come in all shapes in sizes. , the most obvious being sophisticated teen girl bedroom furniture and lighting. Teenage girl designer bedding and then all the little extra things that you do in décor and painting like just a touch of color on the door. Pretty fun and creative ideas for girls bedrooms.


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