Decorating Girls Bedroom

Decorating girls bedroom can be so much fun, there are so many great girl bedroom ideas. The creative minds at Davenport Home Furnishings/Sweet N Sour Kids were inspired to design a girls bedroom with the timeless pairing of pink and black. Bedroom color ideas for girls start with their love of all things pink and of course princesses – but Davenport Home Furnishings wanted to be just a little bit more creative than the standard disney characters. The “Fashion Girl” bedding collection has just the sense of sophistication and style so many little princesses are looking for. To style the room, an eclectic mix of vintage and new pieces really make the room special.

Davenport Home Furnishings started the collection by using their core washable velvet quilt in pink. This durable quilt is so soft has a beautiful quilt pattern with scalloped edge. The coordinating euro sham was also used. Mixed with the quilt are the Fashion Girl black & white decorative pillows. These pillows have exquisite detail, hand beading and lace texture, adding just the right touch of fashion. Complete the look with a Shaggy Raggy rug in white or a Pink Brocade Rug. Decorate the space with black and white wall art.  A really special black 5 sconce chandelier and some great kids room furniture complete the room.

We love the Fashion Girl bedroom décor and know your special princess will as well. The bedroom themes the creative minds of Davenport Home Furnishings come up with are always inspired!

We would love to see your girls bedroom designs and hear from you about your interior design ideas – please comment and/or send us photos.




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