Design Solutions: Small Girl’s Bedroom

When you are working with a small space for a girl’s bedroom, a daybed is a great choice for a bed. The bed can be placed against a wall which makes the appearance of a much larger space as the biggest piece of furniture is kept out of the center of your girl’s bedroom. Girl’s daybeds come in several styles from iron beds, which are always a good and simple choice to daybeds with a trundle which has an extra bed under so that when friends spend the night there is always extra room. A more convenient option would be to purchase daybeds with storage drawers. Make your daybed the focal point in the room. Texture here is the key. Mix and match rhinestones and beads for a more luxurious appeal. Don’t be afraid of color! In a perfect girl’s world a bright orange quilt fits comfortably with lime green sheets and pillows. Varying sizes of pillows in square and rounded edges can turn a dull bed setting into a chic design haven. Whatever your needs, it’s important to find a daybed that is just as sturdy as it is easy on the eye.
Keep the room decor  minimal by attaching the television on the wall and maybe only having one night table instead of two. You’ll want to add a desk for homework and a few shelves for storage.The important thing to do is make sure those shelves are on the hung on the wall instead of on the floor. This will save you space for a kid’s rug and perhaps a small dresser drawer. Big floppy throw pillows on the floor are a huge plus and always a fun idea for when friends come over.  Teen girls just love to hang out with their friends and big comfy pillows are the way to go in the ideal luxury teen bedroom. Cool teen girl bedrooms are our specialty and we house some of the best collections of quality bedding.
Choose from our bedding at Sweet N Sour Kids to make the daybed look FABULOUS.
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3 thoughts on “Design Solutions: Small Girl’s Bedroom

  1. I do love pillows on our bed but not too many, otisrwhee it takes ages to get into bed and make it in the morning!!!I love the idea of one big one how cool and cosy!Sarahx

    • I know it does take some extra time, but it is worth it. Of course sometimes less is more. We think it is have it your way at Sweet N Sour Kids.
      Thanks for your comment

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