Drapery panels for your teen girls bedrooms

Dress up your child’s room with velvet drapery panels. But don’t stop there…


Tie backs add the pick me up and style your teen girls room needs.

There are many to choice from. It all depends on the décor and look you have already going in your teens room.

The best way to do this is to blend it with her bedding set for teen girls. Blending not matching… is always what we say as a rule of thumb. We love to mix colors, textures and design with patterns.

Your girls comforter set may be soft and luxurious and her wall simple in color. Add some lively color to her wall with our beaded tie backs. They will glitter and sparkle. She will of course need to add some decorative beaded pillows to her children’s bed set to dress it up a bit.

That is the great thing about kids bedding by Davenport Home Furnishings, you can switch things out all the time and it will always look different and new

I love the tie backs on drapery panels, this way you get a simple shade for the night time and during the day there is always plenty of light in your teenagers bedroom.

I love a child’s room to be bright a cheerful and a happy place to hang out in. For this room we decorate children’s bedrooms in this manor always.




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