DYI Picture Frames for Teen Rooms

DYI Picture frames for your girls room

Money saving tips on decorating a girls room it looks like you have it professionally done.

Garage sales, Flea Markets, tag sales and estate sales are everywhere.

Look through Craig’s list, penny saver or your local newspaper for the dates and times. Sometimes driving around on a Saturday morning you can see signs that have been posted in your neighborhood for yard sales. You know there is a saying

“One mans trash is another mans treasure”

This is definitely true here. You will see these picture frames old and tattered everywhere. You should be able to pick them up for anywhere between $2.-$5.

Feel free to get different sizes; they do not have to match. I then like to go to Home Depot; they have tester size paints for under $3. Choose fun and bright colors that match your Teenage room décor that you already have going on. Or introduce new colors like teal and hot pink to match you new teens bed.

No rules when you design a  teen girls bedroom, so this is where you get to be wild and crazy.

Then it easy, paint away. If you would like a little distressed look: once you have painted the frame, just rub it gently with sand paper until you get the look you like. If you sand too much, just paint over it until you get it to look the way you want it to be.

Hmm, what to put in the frames? You can add some hooks and make it into a jewelry holder as shown or do a collage of family photos. I think your girl will have plenty of ideas for this blank canvas you have given her.

Girl tween room decor are really fun projects that can be done as a mom and daughter or Dad and daughter day. This is such a nice way to build memories. Children’s bedrooms for girls should be fun and playful.. great place to start.

Enjoy XOXO


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