Fabulous Table Lamps for a Girls Bedroom

Table lamps for girls bedrooms are the perfect finishing touch to the design of the room. These lamps are so sweet for a pink girls room. Pink roses and white feathers are just too cute. They can be part of a shabby chic look for your girls bedroom or just soft adorable pastels. When designing a childs bedroom the balance of a table lamp on the side table next to her bed with our fabulous machine washable velvet quilt are just the touch you need.

You can have a one of the children’s lamps on each side of her twin bed set either matching or choose two different lamps, there are new rules when decorating a tween girls room. Add some pretty wall décor above the bedding set for girls. Then maybe do a gallery of wall décor.. 3 or 4 pieces of kids wall art in different shades of pink and white with a splash of hot pink to add some depth of color. Children’s furniture can be in white, cream pink or just about any shade. Mix and match is what we say. Our children’s bedding comes in a large variety of colors and with these lamps hot pink would be fun too. The white feather lamp would look great paired with our turquoise/ aqua teen bedding set, your teenage girl bedroom would look just great and you girl would love. Have fun and enjoy.

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