Fantasy Bedroom for Girls of all ages


A soft blend of pink pastel and green are a beautiful combination for a girls bedroom. This children’s bedding is just magnificent. It is velvet mixed with exquisite embroidery. To see it in person is truly a treat.

Lots of pillows on the bedding for girls are a must.

Girls room ideas can be found in our whimsical furniture area. Our mosaic vintage hand done children’s furniture pieces are amazing and one of a kind pieces.

Designing a perfect designer room for girls needs a fabulous chandelier, this sweet pink shabby chic lighting with the pink rose and green sash is perfect for this bedroom.

Love the table lamp with the roses, it would look great next to a twin bed set or full bedding set in pink for tween girls. The butterfly kids rug is just too cute.

This style bedroom for your girl can go both traditional and shabby chic; it will just depend on the bedroom accessories that you choose.

Enjoy decorating this lovely and sweet girls room


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