Feminine Little Girls Bedding

Soft and lovely bedding for girls in lavender, pink and white. Chiffon ruffles are so sweet and beautiful. The really set the tone for your girls bedroom. They look fantastic on a girls twin bed set or full, queen and king beds. They are done in euro shams, standards shams and decorative pillow size.

These frilly shams look amazing with Davenport Home Furnishings velvet quilts and comforters for girls. The quilts are machine washable and the colors blend perfectly with these delightful pillows.

If you are looking to create an atmosphere of sweetness for your little girl, then start with these gorgeous chiffon ruffle shams to go onto your girls pink bedding set. All children’s bedding should start here.

For your older girls and teen girl bed sets, Davenport makes these ruffle shams in turquoise and yellow and they look fantastic with the bright colored bedding sets for tween girls.

The chiffon ruffles also come in dust skirts, duvets and throws.

 Love , Love , Love these ruffles.. Can’t get enough of them




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