Fun, funky and colorful bed sets for girls

This bedding set for preteen and teen girls is perfect for your girl after a long day. She will walk into her bedroom and know that she has arrived.

The beautiful combination of bright colors are funky, fun and sophisticated all at the same time. The bed set for girls is vibrant and whimsical and the machine washable velvet quilt by Davenport Home Furnishings is soft and cozy. Your girl will just melt away the stresses of the day and rest and recharge each night in her amazing teen bedding sets.

I love the use of all the different textures on this bed. The turquoise chiffon ruffles, the soft cotton velvet, beaded pillows and the layering of all the colors that blend so well together. Not much else needs to be done to the room when you have this Jolly Bedding Set


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