Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized


How to create a home study space that promotes learning



Backpacks, clothing, school supplies ……. as the gear piles up in preparation for the new school year, it is a great time to get your teen’s home study space organized. Messy drawers and piles of clutter can contribute to a child’s stress, general disorder, and hassle of losing things.

Get a boost in the new school year with these simple steps to create the ideal study nook:

  • Designate a quiet area for studying.

You will need a desk with ample workspace and drawers for storage. The area should be well lit, and include some color or pleasing decoration. Don’t study in front of the television, computer, or in the family room where you may be distracted. Make sure your seat is comfortable, but not too cozy that you end up snoozing instead of studying.

  • Give each item a place where it belongs.

Create labeled folders for your papers, with separate pockets for homework, tests, notes, school announcements, etc. Papers that you do not want to throw away can be stored in magazine racks or file folders in desk drawers.

  • Stock up on supplies

Keep all your study tools at your desk. Pens, pencils, paper, dictionaries, calculators, or any other supplies should be easily accessible. A bulletin board or dry erase board is a great way to keep track of assignments and schedules.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized

  1. Who wouldn’t want to study in this room. I like labeling everything for my girl’s room. They surprisingly like putting their things in storage as well.

    • That’s great. Putting things in storage and out of the way leave space to put important things they need in their bedroom

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