…Green with Envy…

With St-Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s real hard not to be inspired by all the fun green things popping up around the web, in magazines, store windows, television, etc. I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up of some items, clothing and accessories all in the various shades of green. It wasn’t all that hard since one of the popular color for this summer happens to be green, wether it’s mint, army, teal or emerald, all of these are must haves. I’m not sure about  you but I would love not just one, but all of these items added to my daughters wardrobe, I’m just a little green with envy with the selection in this post!

Let’s get to know who’s behind all these lovely items…

1. These bright polka dot pants are by one of the most fun kids line out there: Franky Grow. Their collections are always filled with awesome prints, bold colors and great mix matching items, where everything pretty much goes. You can find these at Thumbeline.

2. This cute little bracelet by Sydney Summer would spruce up any outfit! Find this and lots of other cute at items at the lovely little online boutique Shopbelle.

3. I just love the sea green color of this bikini from Zara. It’s such a nice alternative to pink, don’t you think?

4. Mint and tiny little stars, can you think of a better combination for a summer scarf? By Beck Sonder Gaard available at LFG.

5. Army green is one my favorite colors, for me and my kids. I think it looks great with so many colors including mint, any shade of pink and yellow too. This little dress is simple yet stylish, a perfect basic for layering. It also happens to be eco-friendly! By Go Gentle Baby at Darling Clementine.

6. Large polka dots, neon yellow and mint- a killer combination! This sweet cardigan is available at J.Crew.

7. I just love this jumpsuit- the fabric is hand dyed to create the perfect shade of shale green. Notice the sweet lace detail and how adorable is that sunshine brooch? Check out Udder, an amazing Australian brand.

8. Well, if you want your kids to be the coolest kids on the playground this summer you must get them a pair of colorful and bright skinny jeans. If you would like to wear them in the fall too, teal is the way to go! These are by denim extraordinaire Esp No.1 available at Smallable.

9. Who doesn’t love a great pair of moccasins? Comfortable, cute, perfect for boys and girls and a great way to add a little style to your kids outfit. These green ones are from Manimal-handmade in Brooklyn and they happen to be on sale! Fast get them before I do.

So are you green with envy too now? I hope you have a lovely St-Patrick’s day!


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