Ideas for teen room wall decorating

I absolutely love this wall décor for a teen bedroom. It is a great idea for your girls room. Teenagers love to display photographs especially now that she takes so many on a daily basis with her phone. Hanging a strand of white lights and attaching clothes pins to clip her photos on the wall is just more than fantastic.

I think it can change the entire look of her bedroom. It is hip and cool and always changing which is really what teenagers love. Panting the walls a bright color would add a little bit of life to the style and décor of the room and a great look girls comforter set would be ideal.

This is plain fun and I love it.


8 thoughts on “Ideas for teen room wall decorating

  1. I want some lights to hang in my room but I don’t know were to get them because I don’t use lights like that I just use light bulbs

    • You can go on our web site WWW. SweetAndSourKids.Com
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