Kids School Uniforms vs. Regular Clothes

There is always the question of school uniforms vs regular clothes. Is it better for schools to require school uniforms?

Is there less competition?

Is there less social pressure?

Is it possible that there could be less bullying?

Maybe it could be less expensive in the long run.

Or on the other hand…

Is this fair?

Do the kids feel that their sense of expression is being taken away?

Do kids really feel this is the best way to express their style, color and individuality through clothing and style?

Should school only be for a place of learning? Isn’t self-expression and socialization a big part of learning?

Food for thought and discussion.

3 thoughts on “Kids School Uniforms vs. Regular Clothes

  1. Personally, I am all about self expression. I feel that kids should be able to express themselves within reason of course. I think they have a lifetime of rules and regulations to follow and I say let kids be kids.

    Trendy clothes is the way to go OR whatever feels right to them

  2. I feel that children should be able to express themselves. But on the other hand, it could help stop bullying because of clothing

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