Lucky 13…

Hello there! My name is Celina and I’m so excited to be part of the Sweet and Sour team- I will be blogging about the wonderful world of children’s fashion on a weekly basis from now on. I thought it would be nice for my first post for you to get to know me a little, all the while relating it to some of my favorite kids brands… And since we just started this New Year I thought I’d share 13 things! Let’s get started…

1. I was born in England a long, long time ago.

One of my favorite British kids collection is Miller- it is simple and sophisticated all at the same time. I love their use of colors and subtle prints; their look is an effortless mix of chic, versatile basics and on-trend statement pieces.

2- I moved to Morroco at an early age and lived there until I was five.

Zid Zid is a wonderful Moroccan company, which focuses on fair trade and is inspired by how children play to create lovely handmade home accessories, toys and dress up clothes for boys and girls.

3- I now live in Quebec, Canada with my husband and 2 two kids Mathis ( 5 years) and Elsie (3 years).

Supayana is my favorite Canadian children’s clothing brand. Everything is made locally in my hometown of Montreal, most items are made from vintage fabrics and/ or made in small batches. The styles are truly unique and original. One special feature is that some of the fabric is designed and printed with original artwork created by Yana, the designer and local artists. You can discover the kid’s and woman’s collection on Etsy.

4- I work full time for a small embroidery and gift shop.

Coral and Tusk is a New York based company that makes the most gorgeous embroidered accessories for the home and children.  The plush toys, pillows and jewelry are simply to die for.

5- In my spare time- mostly when the kids are off to sleep, I blog.

Petit à Petit and Family is my little blog- it’s mainly about the things that inspire me, mostly about children’s fashion and design. It’s a little about my family and me and also about the things I do and create, which are often accompanied by DIY and Tutorials. Come say hello!

6- I’ve been sewing since the age of 13.

I also have a sewing blog- Let’s Do Sew is where I share all the little things I sew up for my kids.

7- I studied fashion design and had my own little label Laïla B., where I created kids clothes form recycled fabrics. Now I make things here and there and sometimes sell them…

Here is the link to my little shop- I hope to fill it up this year with lots of handmade items, so don’t forget to bookmark it and check it out once in a while!

8- I also owned a cute little children’s boutique called Mosspink, where I carried all the indie designers of the time. It really was my dream job and had just the best time choosing and buying all the kids clothes and accessories form all the wonderful collections. Now I just blog about them.

Thumbeline is a online kid’s shop with just the best choice. If you are looking for a one stop shopping experience- this is it! The shop is so well curated- it stocks all the best collections, the sweetest items, basically all my favorites!  If my shop were still open, it would probably have had a lot of the same stuff.

9- Another favorite pass time of mine is Pinterest.

Actually it’s my drug of choice and I’m highly addicted- I don’t go a day without it.  I’m also what you call an influential tastemaker and have close to 2.5 million followers. I share mostly and once again, images that are child oriented. However, I have other interest as well, such as woman’s fashion and home décor. It’s where I gather all of my inspiration in one place. Come and be inspired too!

10- Growing up I wanted to be a dancer or choreographer, but instead I studied to become a psychologist and look at where I am at now!

Tutu du Monde has the loveliest girls ballet inspired dresses and  tutus. Their collections are always beautiful and impeccable. You’ll want to hang the dress on a wall once it no longer fits; they are like little pieces art. What I love most is that they come not only in pink!

11- I like to call Paris my second home. Growing up I would visit my family quite often and in my 20’s I lived in the city of lights for a couple months. I almost never made it back.

Le Carrousel is a lovely French brand – my favorite really. It’s a small label created by a mom of 4- Marie-Laure, the designer, has the most impeccable taste and always manages to created a stunning collection with simple shapes and classic fabrics, but always with a twist, a touch of contemporary.

12- I’d like to call New York City my home, maybe one day! In the mean time, I try to visit as often as possible.

I could talk about so many different kids label here, but I think that Wovenplay is probably the one that inspires me the most. Their collections are always full of imagination and creativity- I love their use of silkscreen and whimsical designs.

13- I cannot finish this post without talking about my love for Japan. My husband and I never really went on a honeymoon, and we dream of the day we can save up some money and leave for a couple of weeks to Japan. There is something about their culture, their sense of aesthetics and their love for handmade /crafts that intrigues me immensely.

Wafflish Waffle is such a cute company, their collections are always fun. I love how they mix and match their prints; the silhouettes are always loose and seem so comfortable. I love that they aren’t afraid of color and have a great sense of humor.

So now you know a little more about me, and the things I like. Honestly I like it all, as long as it’s done with good taste!

Until next time,






14 thoughts on “Lucky 13…

  1. What a great post! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself as well as all these great links:) Yes, I would certainly say you are an influential tastemaker – and we thank you for that!!

    • Thanks Lucinda! So happy you enjoyed the post and I’m guessing my pins! I’m looking forward to sharing lots more here…

  2. Greatest post ever!! I knew none of these adorable clothing lines and almost none of these things about you Celina. I can’t wait for your next post here, I have a feeling I am going to love your new column!

    • I’m sooo happy to see you here Stacy and so glad you enjoyed the post. Hopefully, you’ll discover lots a new things here- I can’t wait!

  3. Oh Celina – such wonderful lines – I’ve bookmarked this post since I want to take my time exploring all these beautiful options!! It’s so refreshing to learn about new and beautiful lines of children’s clothing beyond what’s sold at your typical mall – thank you!! :)

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