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I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to dress my kids in fun and different ways. I get a lot of hand me downs and so I usually end up with a lot of miss matched items in my kids wardrobe, I’ll fill in the gaps with bought items- but it’s not always easy to put it all together! One of my favorite source of inspiration are online magazines. Not only are they free, but the pages are filled with lovely photography, key trends, useful information, fun brands to discover and amazing styling to get inspired by. I just love looking at how the stylist work their magic, mixing brands together and accessorizing. I usually make notes of things I like so I can remember to use them with all the things I have lying around the house.

So here are some of my favorite online magazines… keep an eye out, because a lot of these should be coming out with their spring issues pretty soon!

NOVALEE: You’ll find that this is the magazine with a rock and roll attitude and geared towards the older kids- it’s edgy and rad. I happen to be the Creative Director, I’d love it if you checked it out!

LA PETITE- pages filled with inspiring photography, tips on how to decorate your room, fun DIY project and so much more. I’ve contributed to this lovely magazine many times- check the Lovely Finds and Petite Styles.

BABIEKINS: pages and pages of fashion and inspiration for your little ones. I love their feature where they take one item and show you how to wear it in three different ways. They also just launched their first print issue- you might want to have a look too!

PAPIER MACHE: this is the first online magazine I discovered a few years ago . It never disappoints- they work with the most amazing photographers and stylist. You’ll have lots of ideas once you’ve looked through this magazine. They also have a printed issue- i never miss it!

So if you are looking for inspiration, new clothing lines or if you would just like to dream a little, the pages of these magazines will do just that… Enjoy!


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