Midsummers Night Dream Teen Bedding Collection

Loving the blend of purples, lavender and soft pink, it is so pretty.

Mixing textures and fabrics for me is always to way to go.

This bedding collection for teen girls bedrooms, quest rooms or master bedrooms is really gorgeous. The mixture of burnt out velvet, crushed velvet and the hand beaded pillow is a true work of art. Feel free to mix the colors as they all blend lusciously together.

This bed set for girls is for any age. Dorm rooms, first apartment or a glorious master bedrooms. This bedding is soft and wonderful.

Davenport Home Furnishings is known for its mixing and matching of fabrics, colors and textures and this magnificent bedding set is no exception.

 Your girl will be lulled away to sweet dreams in this amazing bedding set for the girl who has everything and a great bedroom designed just for her.


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