Moms need to redecorate their space too

We at Sweet N Sour Kids  we are all about mixing and matching teen bedding and the same follows true  with any living spaces in the house.

Timeless styles are always  easy to work with. When you have a blank canvas like a solid white sofa or any  soft colored sofa like this one you can mix and match any of a number of  decorative pillows. You can mix the sizes, colors and most of all textures.

The pearl bunch pillows in  pink and green add a little zip and say I am daring but not too loud.

The lavender handmade  ribbon pillow and throw are delicate and sweet and are a perfect little hint of  color for your sofa.

The all over pink beaded  pillows and the pink and white pearl beaded pillows are a perfect blend of old  Hollywood of yesteryear.

Then to adorn the room with  your grandmothers treasures of mirrors and knick knacks or maybe things that are  special to you and your family will complete this lovely  room.

Enjoy and design this room  the way you like, and yes, Sweet N Sour Kids does have adult bedding and  pillows… look under Adult Couture on our website. We do it all!


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