My Space, My Bedroom

The ideal way for your teen to express her individuality.

In the ever changing world of adolescence, teens need a private retreat, a place where they can feel comfortable to relax, recharge, and most of all be themselves. As your teen transforms into an adult, she will be experiencing pressures at school and the stresses of new relationships, all while struggling to develop her independence.

Creating a bedroom that highlights her individual style, allows your teen to express a personal statement and develop an appreciation for who she is. The bedding, posters and knickknacks which your teen chooses for her bedroom, will serve to reinforce the person she is becoming.

Is her style frilly pink ruffles with a ball room chandelier? Or does she like dramatic lime green and turquoise stripes, with pom poms on her pillows? Choosing and arranging furniture, color schemes, posters and accessories, will help teens to discover who they are and what they care about.

Let your teen choose exclusive bedding, so that their bedroom is a haven that is uniquely their own. Encourage your daughter to get involved in decorating her own room. Textures, colors, and embellishments will come together to create a particular style for your teen. This self expression will allow your daughter to feel good in her intimate space.

And there’s an added bonus, a child who is involved in creating her own space and feels ownership of her bedroom, is much more likely to keep it clean!



2 thoughts on “My Space, My Bedroom

  1. I remember designing my own room as a teen, it was such fun! (And there were not nearly as many options around.) The bedroom pictured is so fresh and fun – can’t wait until my little girls are old enough to work on their bedroom :)

  2. We can’t wait to work with you. You are right, tween and teen bedding options are endless. Not to mention wall decor and Lighting for teen bedrooms.
    Just give us a call and we are happy to help

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