Oh So Chic Pillows

Shabby chic is a style, not a fashion, and you get to mix new and vintage. It is the quality that things that you love and that inspires you. The shabby chic home is light and airy, warm and welcoming. The style is timeless. Mix your grandmothers knick knacks that you have with our fresh chiffon ruffle shams in on pink and white on you slip cover sofa. That fabulous old wash table that you picked up a flea market makes a great coffee table. How about the collection of antique mirrors that you have been collecting and you weren’t sure what to do with? Make a grouping of them on the wall with some other trinkets you have found.

You see there are no rules. You can mix sparkles of silver to bring in a slight bit of contemporary flair to the room. It is anyway you like it to be. The wonderful thing about this look is that you can change it out frequently. By using a white canvas like this sofa, you can change it out seasonally or just about anytime that you have found a treasure that you would like to put into the mix.

Here at Sweet N Sour Kids, we are all about the Mix And Match of Home Decor.

Whether we are mixing our Children’s bedding or Designing bedrooms for Teen Girls…we say the same:

“Mix and match it and most of all, have fun with all your home design!”



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