Pink girls bedrooms so soft and sweet


Designing a unique sweet pale pink bedroom for your princess can be a challenge if you don’t have the key pieces in place. What are they you may wonder?

Build your girls room around the soft burnt our velvet and soft crushed velvet in this luscious pink. The girly girl duvet cover and floppy and comfy pillow mixed with the fluffy white chiffon ruffles makes this bedding set for little girls very special.

The right bedroom furniture for pink girls rooms are fun to find. We love the pink silk taffeta headboard that is tufted, it blends so nicely with the girls bedding comforter.

The hand placed vintage china mosaic dresser and cabinet are just simply amazing. They can be made in any color scheme and are an art piece all on their own.

Little girls bedroom lighting can be fun and whimsical like the feather table lamp with have chosen for this delightful girls pink room.

A girl can always have many crowns on the walls for her décor and also for her chandelier; we find it to be a great idea for a girls bedroom.

 Sweet and precious this room is just like your little one…



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