Pink, pink, pink…


Can girls ever get enough of pink?

We have babies and we buy sweet little pastel pink things to decorate their bedroom in that are all things girly pink.

Pink painted walls, pink chandeliers, pink children’s bedroom furniture, pink bedding, and pink blankets. We find the sweetest pink pajamas, pink sock, pink dresses and pink hats.

We buy them dolls that are all dressed in pink.

baby pajamas, crochet hat and booties.

We send them off to dance class in pink tutus and pink ballerina slippers. We send them to school with pink lunch boxes and pink ribbons in their hair.

Then they grow a little older and the pastel pink turns to hot pink, bright and bold and yet still pink. Hot pink nail polish, hot pink glitter, hot pink lipstick, hot pink high heel shoes and oh yes, hot pink bedrooms.

Teen girls love hot pink painted bedroom walls, hot pink quilts, hot pink beaded pillows, hot pink zebra bedding.

Then they grow a little older and the shade softens and they plan their weeding with pink bridesmaid dresses, pink flowers and pink tablecloths.

And time passes and then yes, they have a baby and move into… pastel pink once again as you did.

Pink is the color…


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