Pink Pride Luxury Girls Bedding Set

This is a perfect example of how mixing and matching works.

You can take a twin bed and choose from our cotton velvet machine washable quilts and duvet covers. In this case choose between the pastel pink and the hot pink. For a softer little girls bedding set, go with the pastel pink velvet dust skirt.

For a bolder look for this girls or tween girls bedroom design, go with the wide black and white stripe for the dust skirt and euro sham. It is always a good idea to bring the dust skirt from the child’s bed and match it to the euro sham, it creates balance for the girls bedding.

 Or by selecting these pieces, you get a slightly softer look


Some of the pillows and shams on this delightful little girls bed set are the same on both variations of the Pink Pride Bedding, but because the duvet folded at the bottom of the velvet quilt is different from the black throw blanket it makes the decorative throw pillows look very different.

What is also nice is that you can add or take away from time to time and give your girl a fresh new look to her bedroom with maybe switching out one pillow or by layering in a new quilt as a surprise for her after she has achieved great grades or for a holiday gift.

This is the real joy of working with Davenport Home Furnishings; is that you can blend and create your own style of bedding for your girl, tween or teen girl. Do this on your own or we are happy to assist you in any and all ways that we can. We are just a phone call away.

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