Sophisticated Teen Bedrooms


Teenage room designs come in all shags and sizes but if you are looking to create a sleek and sophisticated teen girl bedroom, using the color gray is a good choice. 

Some tween girls bedrooms are filled with bright vibrant colors and as your girl grows she may want something that is either calmer in colors or what she feels maybe more chic. Gray is a perfect choice. It can be layered in numerous shades from light to charcoal gray.

The teen bedding set can be mixed with chiffon ruffles to give it a feminine feel with big floppy pillows for lots of comfort. Mix it with a sleek diamond pattern coverlet in white for the contemporary look to the bedding set for teen girls. Then mix lots of the textures and you will have a great look for the teens bed.

Lighting for teen girls bedroom is super fun and lots of options here, the table lamps for the night stand or for her desk. We think by keeping it a little whimsical, she can be chic yet still show her fun side.


All cool teenage girls bedrooms need a hanging light fixture in stripes right? Super great !!  I love this one

Teen bedroom furniture and room décor are, are these pieces perfect or what? Again they are super cute pieces and yet in gray and white show a lot of sophistication and high design

Really, these pieces and colors are not just for teen girls rooms; this would be great for dorm rooms, first apartments, guest rooms or any room in the house. They should not be limited. They are all perfect as stand-alone pieces.

Have fun with this color scheme



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