Summer grilling that the kids will love too

Blackened Salmon 


Just a dash of each

You can make this very spicy or just a little tang depending on how much you use of each

Salt, Black Pepper,Garlic Powder, Paprika, Celery Seed, Coriander, Oregano, Chili powder,Cayenne Pepper

 Use your grill pan on the stove top or on your outdoor grill so the Salmon gets grill marks on it.

Use olive oil on the grill pan so the Salmon doesn’t stick.

Cook it on each side about 4 minutes, don’t overcook it, but let it get a little crispy.

Squeeze lemon on it before you serve it.

Salad Nicoise (Normally done with Tuna)

You can place the Salmon onto of a salad: In the center of the plate

Dress your salad with a creamy Caesar dressing

Then in groups around the plate: don’t mix them, stand alone

Add fresh string beans, Sliced tomatoes , Hardboiled egg sliced in half, Artichoke hearts (option). Sliced cucumbers (sliced pretty), Sliced lemon (option),Cubed boiled potato, Olives, Bell pepper (option)

My family loves this, Enjoy !! XOXO

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