Sweet and Sour Kids Blog. Fall Fashion for the Kiddos!

Kiddos: (n) Pinterest talk meaning of and for the little ones.   Synonym: Kids.

Pinterest is exploding with great kid’s fall fashion ideas. Designer kids looks this season are all about the chic urbane look. Grey woolly scarves and brimless hats with pea coats and corduroy’s like this bang up job, are the must haves for boys.


We really love this leather jacket with the right breast zipper and fold down collar. Celebs like the Beckham family are notorious for dressing up their children in fashion forward looks like this one. The little “Lois Lane” girl is back to school adorable in a mustard top and skirt. LOVE the look of vintage in this little girl’s hounds tooth button down coat. We like the Hansel and Gretel-esque look of this season. Our favorite children’s designer wears come from the likes of Dipali Patwa while Hanna Andersson makes some of the most affordable kids brands. To share more cute kiddos clothes follow us @SweetNSourKids on Pinterest!

6 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Kids Blog. Fall Fashion for the Kiddos!

  1. Love the style on those children! The little girl in the center has a vintage look that I could definitely get my kid into. So stylish.

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