Which way do you like this teen girls bedding set?

Sophisticated teen bedding is our specialty. Stylish and trendy bed sets for girls in their favorite colors: Lime green, bright orange and hot pink.

Girls bedding sets in twin, full and queen size come in a variety of looks. You can see by changing out some of the pillows and shams you can get a completely different look. One is more playful and one is a little more grown up.

When choosing these unique bed sets for girls, you don’t need to do much else in the room. Make this the focal point and really the art in the bedroom. Paint the walls add a little wall décor and a couple of nightstands and not much else.

Allow this bedding set to really stand out in your teenage girls rooms.  XOXO


Girls Tween / Preteen to Teen Bedding

These two bed sets look very similar until you look up close. Yes, they are both in lime green and hot pink with an array of other colors to give the look a WOW factor.

Most girls of all ages love bling maybe when we are younger a little more.

I think the use of a white coverlet on a teen girls bed always shows style and sophistication. Lime green sets for preteens are always a first choice.

So as close as these beds look, have a further look and you will be able to see the difference just a little change can make in your girls room design


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Girls bedrooms in beautiful and bright colors

Bright and full of life…. Children’s bedding in bright, gorgeous colors of orange, yellow, lime green and hot pink.

These fine exquisite bed linens are designed Davenport Home Furnishings with color, interesting fabric combinations and fun shapes. This artisan focuses on quality and detail as each bedding set evolves into a unique bedroom focal point. The beauty of these handmade linens are truly amazing.

Your teen girls will love this bedding set will set the design of her room in motion.

Decorate the room around her twin, full, queen or king size bed. Paint the wall in bright colors and bring in simple white teen room furniture to bring the design focus on this beautiful luxury girls bed set.



Teen girls bedroom with exciting touches

Teen girls love a little touch of elegance in their bedroom design. This is a great DYI idea for decorating a girls room.

Peel and stick wallpaper of scrapbooking paper is perfect for this.

I love the hot pink done in a traditional pattern



Girls bedroom surfer theme

While decorating a girls bedroom, you need to keep many things in mind. Teenage room designs are very personal to your girl; she has developed her own tastes and ideas for her room. We think it is important to build the décor of the teens bedroom around the bedding set for teens that is chosen.

The design of the bed set can be based on bright colors of turquoise, hot pink, lime green or orange or the theme like we have chosen here of Surfer Girl

Perhaps your twin girls bed set is a full size, queen or twin size: all can be done to make this bedding set for girls the main focal point in the room.

The orange cotton velvet quilt is machine washable and soft and luxurious. The dust skirt and shams are brightly colored and fun blingy rhinestone. The icing on the cake is the surfer girl pillow all completely hand beaded. Amazing!!

The Starfish pillows in hot pink, turquoise and orange are just perfect.

The pillow with the 3 beaded surfboards is just awesome.

So many things can be found to adorn the walls in the “Surfer Girl Theme”

This look would also be great for a beach house

To fabulous for words


Teen bedroom Furniture…Turquoise Shelving

Super fun teen room shelving in bright bold colors like this is just fabulous. This is a fantastic piece for your girls room. It does come in many bright and bold colors that tween and teenagers love in their bedrooms. Orange, Lime Green, Hot Pink are first choices for furniture for kids bedrooms. I love this fun and whimsical piece but you can find many pieces like this maybe without the flower design just industrial type shelving and painted yourself in these designer colors and you too can have a shelving unit similar to this in your girls room.

Disney has great paint colors available at your local hardware stores and they have industrial shelving as well.

Lots of DYI decorating and makeover ideas for kids rooms…



DYI Decorative Light Switch Plates

It is the simple things that you do to decorate a girls bedroom that makes it so great especially when it is a DYI project you can do with your tween/ teen girls.

This is a fun and easy one. Go to your local hardware or home improvement center and buy a wooden light switch plate. Go to the paint department and choose from the wonderful selection of paint colors they have out now.

Once you get home you can turn your teen girls room into her little slice of heaven





A little neon will give a great jolt to you and your home

Decorating with neon colors will give a jolt to any room in the home. This brilliant trend will bring the electricity and excitement that you are striving for. You don’t need too much… just a little touch here and there to up lift your room that may need a little pick me up. Kids bedrooms, children’s playrooms, teenagers cool bedrooms in bright colors are great. Kitchens look fantastic with a splash of color and your main living spaces with a hint of colors in neon are just fabulous. The one stool or chair or table just one piece of furniture in the room looks fantastic in a neon lime green or bright orange.

This coloration is meant to be fun so enjoy decorating with this one. We do all the time with our children’s bedrooms and of course or teenage girl room décor.


Styling neon… Wearing neon… Going totally neon… Oh my…..




Live Color Fully

- Colors inspire  us -

- Colors make us  laugh -

- Colors bring us  happiness -

- Colors bring us  smiles -

- Colors bring us  love -

- Colors bring us  fun -

Surround your girl in  bright colors that brings her all of that.

Dress her in a hot red  sweater with red boots to match.

Decorate your girls bedroom  in vibrant colors. Adorn her bed with a whimsical beaded flower pillow. Place a  fun polka dot kids rug on the floor next to her twin bed set for girls. Add all  the great children’s decor and accessories in vivid colors and she will slumber  is brilliant colors and drift off to dreamland in pure spender.

(1st image via Babiekins)


Color Inspiration for A Teen Bedroom Makeover

When decorating a teen girl bedroom choosing the right color is very important. She may or may not have colors in mind, she may say, “oh, you know mom, bright colors, that’s what I want”.  What does that really mean?

A good way to narrow down the color pallet she wants is by first finding it in the strangest of places: the pantry, the storage closet, the backyard or bookshelf. Use anything, and we mean anything in your surrounding to find your teen’s color inspiration. Magazines clippings, food packaging and cleaning supplies are just some ideas. Lots of girl’s own hair barrettes in varying colors. We suggest looking through her accessories box to find a color she loves. Simply look around the house and she should be able to find inspiration in plain sight.

Here are some things one mother and daughter found for color examples:

  • beach bag
  • socks
  • flowers in the yard
  • spools of thread
  • backyard bunch of flowers

Inspiration Color Board

These are basic items most likely found in any home and all turned out to be references for choosing color. For this teen’s bedroom our mother-daughter team have chosen a bright palette of fun colors for their bedroom inspiration.

Once the basic colors are chosen the fun can begin.

The design of the girls bedroom will be in Hot pink, orange, lime green and yellow tones and colors. Now all one has to do is visit our website and pick out the luxury teen girl bedding set of her dreams. With this color selection, Citrus Tang appears to be the best choice. Are you looking for a twin girl bed set or a queen teen bed design? No matter the size, teens bed rooms can be completed with all of our girls room decor in all of our bright colors. Additional teenage room ideas can be done easily with the assistance of our interior design team who is eager and ready to help you. We know that a girl’s bedroom is not only supposed to be pretty and chic. Children’s bedrooms should be a place that is comfortable and fun; a place that she wants to spend plenty of time in. So don’t forget your child’s input. Let her play an active role in planning and making choices and you will have a very happy girl on your hands.

Citrus Tang Bed

 Our Teen’s Final Choice