Teen bedding in Black and White: Chic and Glamorous

Teenage girls love to be stylish in everything that they do. From the clothes they wear to how they decorate teen bedrooms.

Girls love to set the tone of their designer teen girls room by selecting a color theme and style. A great timeless collection of black, white and silver is always a fabulous one. It can be sleek, fun, contemporary and feminine all at the same time.

We think by making the bedding in the room the focal point, you will set the stage for the mood in the room.

The black Tie Bedding is all that we have mentioned above. This teen bedding set is just stunning. Chic and cool girls bedding with its layers of quilts and all the fabulous textured tween pillows makes this bed set for teen girls a work of art.

The girls quilts and machine washable and moms will love it as too.  Davenport Home Furnishings did not miss a beat when this bed was designed for your teen girls bedroom.

Step into the modern age of teen bedroom lighting that is both modern and feminine all at the same time. The base of the lighting fixtures for girls bedrooms is modern and yet the shades soften the look and make it a little more girly. The unique design is also what makes these bedroom lighting pieces so special for your teenage girls bedroom.

Room ideas for girls always include wall art. Don’t ever be afraid of adding some color here. If you have chosen a black and white as your themed bedroom, you can still throw a splash of color in the wall décor for teen girls room here. This will brighten up a wall and show your girls personality just a wee bit. Let her choose what she likes, this is so important in the teenage years.

This is just a start, Kids Furniture is the next step, and stay tuned to our blog for more helpful hints for designing kids and girls bedrooms




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