Teen bedroom DYI furniture

Finding the perfect chair for your teen girls bedroom sometimes can be a taunting task. Here is an easy way to complete your girls room just the way you want it and it is a great way to save money as well. It is time to hit your favorite flea market or garage sale. You may even have an old chair in your own garage or storage unit already . In any case, a nice old chair will do. It can be made of iron or wood.

Go with your daughter to the paint/ hardwood store and pick out a super bright color of hot pink, orange or lime green.

If there is fabric on the chair go to the fabric store and find a remnant that has a fun bright pattern fabric and it can probably use a staple gun to put it on.


The chair can be used at her desk or just as extra seating in her girls room.

Now the fun really begins.. She will need a new bedding set for teen girls in bright hot colors.



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