Teen bedrooms decorating and mixing colors and styles

I love the way this designer has mixed styles and colors. Mixing is truly the style of design right now. When designing a teen girls bedrooms there are so many directions to go in that you can really encompass so many, why choose one. Mix it up as we say at Sweet N Sour Kids. It is what you and girl loves is what matters.

I happen to love the dresser with these big fun knobs and the mirror furniture for teen bedrooms is all the rage now, Teenagers love this when decorating their bedrooms… It is their first choice.

The table girls bedroom lime green table lamps are whimsical and playful making this bedroom eclectic and terrific.

All it needs is a great teen bed set by Davenport Home Furnishings to complete the room. I think in orange and hot pink. Then layer the teen beaded pillow in bright colors to give the complete look to this teen bedroom a full and fabulous and outrageous feel.


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