Teen Girls Hair Styles

Is it Okay to color it? Moms are you Okay with your girl coloring her hair? Is it better than tattoos? I say YES!! Color is temporary and tattoos are permanent.

Coloring for your teen girl is a way to express herself, show her own style… say who she is. Reward her, if she pulls a certain GPA or if she does certain things around the house or whatever you think she needs to work for, and then of course make sure there are no social / family events coming where there will be family photos. Who know… maybe you will like the color or colors your teen girl has chosen. Anyway, in a very short amount of time your daughter will be making all of her own decisions so wouldn’t it be a good idea to start letting her make some now so that you can help guide her a little? Color of hair in the whole scheme of life is pretty small.

The colors are pretty fun anyway.

Enjoy, do it together. Mommy daughter time gets smaller and smaller as time goes on… take time now and be colorful.

To find credits and more go to our Pinterest:pagehttp://pinterest.com/sweetnsourkids/girls-hair-and-nails-for-those-who-need-a-little-h/


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