Teen Girls Hot Pink Dazzling Bedroom

Teen Girls practically live in their bedrooms. So make the room special and unique so that it reflects your girls personality. 

Hot pink is a go to color for girls bedrooms of all ages. The look of this girls room is sophisticated and very stylish.

Indulge your girl with this fabulous velvet bedding set for teen girls. It has been layered with a white maltase, the hot pink velvet duvet and all the shams and pillows. The decorative girls bedding pillows are embellished with wonderful and hand beading that sparkle just like your girls eyes will when she sees her new designer bedding set. Teens bedding sets by Davenport Home Furnishings are always on trend. They really understand the fashion and style that girls want for their bed linens.

In keeping with the silver beading on the fantastic pillows on this bedding set, we have chosen this hanging pendent to either hang in the center of the teen girls room or over her night table. This will really make this room sparkle and shine.

By adding this mirror and glass dressing table/ desk to work in this room, you will be adding a level of sophistication and depth that will age beautifully as your daughter grows.

You can add white furniture to this room as well. This room can be slightly playful or very decadent just depending on the pieces you add to the room.

Girls wall décor is also something that not only completes the look of the room but adds the final touch of the design of the bedroom.

These pieces of stretched teen wall décor and super fun and are great fashionable pieces that your girl will love.

Enjoy decorating


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