Teen girls love decorating their bedrooms.

No need for a complete bedroom makeover. Choose bedding for your child’s room that is versatile and she will never get tired of her luxury bedding by Davenport Home Furnishings.

Our poodle puff duvets are just the think that will allow your teenage girl to continue to update her bedroom on a whim. We have endless bedroom ideas for teen girls and this is one of many. By choosing a basic bedding set for girls in solid colors let’s say in hot pink or turquoise: Your tween girl can always switch up and out the decorative pillows whenever she would like a new bedroom look.

It will be as if she has just designed a new teen bedroom cool look all over again.

The Puff girls duvet cover is like a girls comforter so soft and pretty all by itself and your girl will sleep very comfy and cozy in it. Our sheet sets for teens blend lovely as well. The dust skirts come in all colors and compliment the duvet beautifully.

Our beaded, embroidered, outrageously and unique children’s pillows are just fab and can be given as gifts for all occasions. They come in so many shapes and sizes which cause a wonderful layering effect on your girls twin, full or queen size bed.

Go from sparkly to soft and sweet just like your teen girls mood changes from time to time… right? So many to choose from and that is what will set your teen girls bedding apart from all of her friends. Her unique personality will shine through.




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