Teens and Tween girls bedrooms in Turquoise, Aqua and Teal

What comes first the chicken or the egg? What do you choose the style or the color? Well when decorating the teen girls bedroom, I would say without question… the color. Girls love to mix colors and shades when designing their rooms but I would defiantly say the strongest color choice is turquoise.


Mixing shades of turquoise


Teen girls have their own unique style and personalities and would love to retreat to their teen bedroom that has their stamp of design and approval. You as the parent can guide her through the process by giving your girl the teen bedding set of her dreams.


Teen bed sets are in a category all of its own. Luxury and sophistication, being fun and playful is just a couple of directions to choose from. The girls bedding you select can be brightly colored of turquoise or can be done in soft and soothing tones of aqua. Mixing the teenagers bed set with white or deeper colors of blues really can add depth to the design of the room.

The decorative pillows can be super cute with flowers or fun in all shapes and sizes. Twin bedding sets for children, full, queen and king look amazing in these colors.

Be creative with the walls in your girls room design, wall paper is always a great idea, wall art is fun. There are so many ways to go.

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