The Timeless Tradition of The Sleepover!

Girls and slumber parties go together like ice cream and cake! It is easy to get overwhelmed when your tween announces she wants to invite all of her best friends over, but it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to throw a hit slumber party!
How many to invite?
NEVER have 3 girls! I have made this mistake and even the best of threesomes have a tendency to exclude one of the girls. Just eliminate this problem and invite at least 3.  I limit it to 5 but go as high as you feel comfortable with.
This is a great craft to do together. Be sure to give out the invitations at least 2 weeks in advance. With everyone’s busy schedule a little planning goes a long way. Purchase some brightly colored card stock and decorate with stickers, color or use stencils. Be sure to include the usual (where, what, when etc) but also include what you need them to bring (girls bedding comforters and quilts, pillows) and MOST IMPORTANT what time to pick up by the next morning.
So many options for fun! Some great ideas are: nail salon, decorate your own cupcakes, dress up and my favorite movie’s! I usually try to incorporate 3 of these in the party.
-Lots of local nail salons will paint girls nails for under $7 which makes everyone feel so special or you can set up a nail salon in your home. Both are fun and girls of all ages LOVE it.
-Bake some cookies or cupcakes and mix up a few tubes of decorator frosting. Let them express themselves and get a sweet by enjoying decorating their own tasty treat.
-Movie: set up a projector in the back yard and enjoy a movie under the stars! You can spicen up the fun by renting or borrowing a pop corn machine. Purchase some of the large movie size candy boxes (the 99 cent store sells a huge variety). Make sure you have hot chocolate on hand, it is soothing and a treat they will enjoy during the movie.
You can’t go wrong with pizza! A great way to do this is to make your by picking up dough, sauce and various toppings and the girls can enjoy making their own personal pizzas, or order a take and bake from your local pizzeria. YUMMY!
Sleeping Time
Lots of giggling and talking under the sheets, this is part of the fun but be sure to set a no talking limit in advance and 90% of the time they are asleep soon after lights out! Where they sleep can be part of the fun. We put our camper up in the backyard and let them camp out.  Another great idea is to convert the playroom or living room into a huge bed and let them carpet camp. If you have a hard wood floor be sure to have some kids carpets and throws on hand for them to put their comforters down. Of course they can have a blast sharing your daughters bed and/or bedroom floor and you can have fun decorating girls bedroom for the party. There are so many great little girl room ideas and comforters for girls you can choose from, (see www. for some ideas!!!)
The best part in my opinion! Wake them up in style with: whole wheat pancakes, fruit salad, juice and turkey bacon!! YUM!

Sleepovers are such a rite of passage for girls, enjoy your party and this time with your daughter.



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