Warm tones for your teen girls bedding

Teen girls love to choose the design and color pallet for their bedroom.

This is a great and playful through back colors to the 70’s…. Brady bunch house colors… Gelato bed set @Sweet N Sour Kids.Com

Warm tones in this color pallet of chocolate brown, avocado green, rusts and cream with touches of gold, yellow, peach and orange.

By selecting a teen bedding set in solid colors your then can choose decorative pillows that have many colors, design patterns and textures. I love these light weight quilts and shams, they look great and they are soft and comfy to sleep with. Your teenagers will have definite décor ideas for her space so make it a project that you can do together. This designer bedroom style does blend beautifully with a modern or traditional home.

Your children’s wall paint when choosing colors like this should stay in the cream and white tones. Let the kids bed set stand out and the fabulous table lamps and other fantastic accessories you have found for her bedroom.

Have fun and enjoy


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